About Me

Welcome to my blog! Here are a lot of facts about me because paragraphs bore me.


Name: Ariel Bianca

Age: 20

Birthday: December 22.

Big Three: Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Pisces Rising

Generation: in between a Millenial & Gen Z, but leans toward Gen Z

Why Blog: I always wanted to have my own website since I was a kid, but always failed. I’d either give up or forget about the website. I’m trying this time. But I might try vlogging soon…


Food: French Fries or Croissants (I eat a lot of carbs)

TV Show: Right now, it’s Europhia on HBO. I usually don’t watch TV and it’s the only show right now that I can’t wait for episodes and can’t stop talking about.

Song: I can’t choose. I listen to too much music.

Album: *heavy breathing* Melodrama by Lorde

Movie: I have two: Deadpool & Ratatouille

Band: One Direction…lol

Singer: This is also hard. But Lana Del Rey is my favorite.

Crystal: Citrine


Current WIP: How To Be a Mean Girl, a YA Thriller

Writing Process: Whenever I can, I write.

Novels: Most of my novels I started in high school. I’ve scrapped a lot of the ideas and combined them. Now, in college, I dedicate either an hour to write or 1,000 words on weekdays.

Poetry/Lyrics: Very impulsive. I have notebooks filled with lyrics scattered across my apartment. At the moment, I usually write an idea down when it initially comes to my mind. I like write a poem, then move on to lyrics. My goal is to learn how to write concept albums since they’re like mini novels but in music form.


Hair Type: a little bit of 3c, 4a, & 4b

Hair Color: I just realized it’s brown and not black

Glass or Contacts: Both, but glasses for the time being

Height: 5’5″??

Favorite body part: Not my big nose, but my long legs

Eye Color: Brown


University: LSU

Major: Public Relations

Minor: English

Goals After College: idk…I want a job, but really want to do freelance & travel & write about it. But I want to move to California, New Jersey, or Texas. My dream is to be a full-time author, vlog, make music (again) and travel. I want to live comfortably, honestly.

Know What You’re Doing W/ Your Life: lol, no


Biggest Fear: Never accomplishing what I want to do

Biggest Insecurities: My face. People tell me I’m pretty and I’m like “Lying is a sin. Don’t do that.” I’d rather post my naked body before my face.

Top 3 Pet Peeves: I have a lot.

1. Hatred & ignorance. I’m big on treating others equally and understanding people from different backgrounds. We’re all human at the end of the day. No one should be discriminated against or treated differently for things that they can’t change.

2. When people take their insecurities and pain out on other people. Since starting my self-love journey, I’d picked up a lot of things that people do that reflects their life and how they see themselves.

3. Mold. I hate it. I will throw away anything that is near a moldy piece of fruit. That’s my 2nd biggest fear. I’d deal with a flying roach before mold and mildew.

Spotify or Apple Music: Spotify…duh. You get so many benefits with Spotify. You get Hulu, Showtime, and Premium Spotify as a college student. They make curated playlists for you! Like Apple Music is more aesthetically pleasing, but…Spotify is the way to go.

Number of Songs Saved on Spotify: As of July 18, 2019, I have 1,482 songs. I think that’s pretty low. I don’t save a lot of songs because I won’t listen to them that often and I’m lazy with the skip button.