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    Mercury Retrograde


    Yes, it’s that time of year again. Well, it’s one of the three times of this year that Mercury will retrograde.

    If you haven’t heard of Mercury retrograde, then you’re missing out on a lot. Not much, but welcome to my world of astrology.

    What the hell is a Mercury Retrograde?

    In astrology, Mercury is one of the main planets and represents anything under communication and some technology. I will dive into the background of Mercury in a later post, but for right now, Mercury is the planet over communication.

    Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year. In 2019, those dates are

    • March 5-28 in the sign of Pisces
    • July 7-31 in Leo, then scoots back to the sign of Cancer
    • October 31-November 20 in the sign of Scorpio

    During these dates, the planet Mercury will be going into retrograde, which is when it appears to be going backward, but it’s still moving. This lasts about 3 weeks, almost a month sometimes. During these retrogrades, time and communication become a little off.

    In astrology, Mercury represents communication, writing, books, short trips, studying, transportation, and siblings. Mercury rules over the signs of Gemini and Virgo and the 3rd and 6th houses. Mercury is a practical sign, who needs evidence.

    During Mercury Rx, it’s likely that¬†technology will go out, miscommunication, losing and forgetting things, and any technology barely hanging on is likely to not last the retrograde. Also, for the love of God, please do not sign a contract.¬†

    But this Mercury Rx will take place is the dreamy sign of Pisces. Mercury goes detrimental in Pisces because Pisces are in the sky, dreaming. Mercury likes to stay grounded. This time you’re more likely to have weird dreams, to be misunderstood, and can daydream way more than usual.

    What not to do in Mercury Retrograde?



    Don’t Panic Like Spongebob /

    Panicking and putting your life on hold is not what Mercury Retrograde is about. Whenever I tell anyone who isn’t into that interested in astrology about Mercury Retrograde, they panic.

    You’ve been in plenty of Mercury Retrogrades before. It takes place 19% of the year. Retrogrades are times for us to reflect and slow down. Mercury Retrogrades give us the time to reflect and learn.

    Here are a few things I’ve heard NOT to do during a Mercury Rx:

    • Sign contracts (if you do please read the fine print)
    • Start new projects
    • Argue with partners (miscommunication)
    • Make a huge/life-changing decision
    • Bring up past situations or people
    • Buy brand new technology
    • Launch a huge project, such as a website, PR campaign, etc.
    • Beginning anything related to communications
    • Travel without detailed planning
    • Impulsive buy things

    In simplest terms, anything Mercury represents will go backward or become a challenge. Of course, if it is an emergency, then go ahead, but take caution.

    Be Prepared & Cautious:

    You can expect:

    • Any old technology holding on, not lasting
    • Your ex calling back or old friends popping back into your life
    • Losing random things at the worst time
    • Miscommunication (and tons of it)
    • Buying something, then it going on sale after the Rx is over
    • Delays in travel
    • Emails not sending
    • Package delays

    My Experience:

    So during the last Mercury Rx of 2018, I tried starting a blog during that time. I ended up deleting and clicking something on WordPress that I could not undo because I didn’t read it. I didn’t take my time and ended up spending two additional hours doing the following: searching through forums to fix it, demanding a refund, and scrambling to find my drafts. $95 down the drain, no posts up after a month of preparing, and me feeling stupid.

    During Mercury Retrogrades, I take caution toward technology, double check any message I want to send, and do not start any project idea I have. This time period is to complete what you finished.

    Here are some positive things you can do during Mercury Rx:

    • Finish that project you’ve been putting off
    • Reflect and meditate
    • Review your communication skills
    • Back up your files
    • Use your intuition
    • Reread your essays, emails, etc.
    • Double check your travel plans
    • Make checklists
    • Reevaluate your commitments

    Pheobe from Hey Arnold. /

    Mercury Retrograde is only as bad as you make it. This is a great time to reflect and finish business. It’s the perfect time to complete that book you wanted to write or have that conversation that you’ve been wanting to have with someone.